Yandex Mail – What is Yandex Corporate Mail, How to Configure Service Settings?

Yandex Mail, one of the most used mail services, is an e-mail service developed by Yandex. It has features such as protection against spam and viruses, email sorting, highlighting emails from real people, free 5GB cloud storage on Yandex Disk, and beautiful themes. In this article, we will talk about what Yandex Mail is, features of Yandex Mail, and Yandex Mail service settings.

What is Yandex Mail?

Yandex Mail, which is heavily used by all segments; It is a free, secure and convenient e-mail service. With Yandex Mail, you can easily manage your e-mails, be protected from spam and viruses, collect e-mails from other e-mail services and use Yandex 360 services.

Features of Yandex Mail

  • Yandex Mail facilitates your correspondence in foreign languages thanks to its built-in translation feature. You can automatically translate your e-mail into the language you want.
  • Your emails are automatically security checked and stored in a secure data warehouse. Provides spam and virus protection. You can also make your account even more secure with two-factor authentication.
  • Yandex Mail intelligently sorts and categorizes your emails. You don't have to deal with manually distributing your emails into folders. Besides, you don't need to block annoying automatic messages one by one: Yandex Mail does this automatically, too.
  • You can attach files from Yandex Disk or your computer to your e-mails. With the Yandex Mail service, you can add a signature to your e-mails and change the design theme.
  • You can manually add your contacts to your address book or upload a contact list from another email service. You can create a contact group and make it easy to send emails.
  • Yandex Mail is included in Yandex 360 services. In this way, you can also use services such as Yandex Disk, Telemost, Documents, Calendar and Notes. By using this service, you can enjoy more features in services with Yandex 360 Premium tariffs.

How to Make Yandex Mail Service Settings?

To set up Yandex Mail service settings, you must first have a Yandex Mail account. If you do not have an account yet, you can register at

  • After signing up, log in to your email box and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • On the page that appears, you can adjust the service settings you want. For example:
  • In the Email box tab, you can change the interface appearance, design theme, and language option.
  • In the Email compose tab, you can specify your signature and enable the automatic translation feature.
  • In the Email forwarding tab, you can set up the collection of emails from other mailboxes.
  • In the Security tab, you can enable two-factor authentication and change your password.
  • On the People tab, you can upload or export a contact list.
  • In the Subscriptions tab, you can manage your newsletter subscriptions.

What is Yandex Corporate Mail?

Yandex Corporate Mail is an e-mail service that businesses can set up on their own domain names. This service developed by Yandex offers many features to facilitate communication and security of businesses.

Features of Yandex Corporate Mail

  • Yandex Business Mail provides a custom email address with your business name. In this way, you can establish a more professional and reliable communication with your customers and partners.
  • It offers a powerful protection system that filters spam and viruses. Your e-mails are stored in Yandex's secure data stores and transmitted encrypted.
  • It includes smart tools that automatically sort your emails into folders. You can cancel your unnecessary e-mail subscriptions with one click.
  • Yandex Corporate Mail offers a feature that automatically translates your emails for foreign language correspondence. It also makes your work even easier with smart tips and scheduled email delivery.
  • It is included in Yandex 360 services. In this way, you can also use services such as Yandex Disk, Yandex Documents, Yandex Calendar, Yandex Notes and Yandex Telemost.

How to Make Yandex Corporate Mail Service Settings?

To use Yandex Corporate Mail service, you must first have a domain name. If you do not have a domain name yet, you can choose and buy a suitable domain name on Yandex 360.

  • Next, register on the Yandex 360 for Business page and log in to your account. When you are logged into your account, click on the "Email" option from the left menu. Here, add and verify your domain name. You may need to change your DNS record for the verification process.
  • After verifying your domain name, you can create your email boxes. Set a username and password for each email box. You can also select the email boxes that will have administrator rights.
  • After you have created your e-mail boxes, you can adjust other settings if you wish. For example, with the e-mail collector, you can forward e-mails from your other accounts to Yandex Corporate Mail. Or you can change the design of the emails you send with email templates.
  • When you complete the Yandex Business Mail service settings, you can now start using your business's private email addresses. You can access your e-mails from the web interface or mobile application.

For more information about Yandex Corporate Mail service you can visit the address.