First of all, when designing the company logo, we choose colors and typography that reflect the character of the company and are compatible with the work it does, in accordance with the sector. We prepare the corporate logo design in a simple, understandable and memorable way.

Steps Applied in Logo Design

Design is a process in general, although the methods used by designers differ. The stages in our logo design adventure are as follows;

1. Defining and Researching the Problem

Antalya Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

In company logo design, we start by learning about why they need a logo or why they want to change their existing logo. So we decide that what they really need is a new logo. We explain that a business that wants to have a logo design in order to increase sales cannot increase sales by only having a logo design. If you understand the expectations and needs correctly, the result both pleases our customers and takes less time for us.

2. Moomboard

We collect all kinds of data on visual identity and collect all the keywords that describe the logo work that we will prepare for you. At this point, my aim is to make a plan about how your logo will appear on social media, web design, business cards, signage and all printed documents. We bring it together with a visual work consisting of the messages that the work will give.

Antalya Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

3. Fikir Üretme

Antalya Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

We draw what I can use on a paper with the collected keywords. I try to make a connection between the shapes we draw or we make various combinations between the shapes. By analyzing the sector, we prepare professional logo work for both the needs of the company and the target audience it will appeal to, taking into account the sector's requirements. We make my choices from among my ideas and prepare the drawing in digital environment.

4. Presentation

We did the work, combined the ideas and came to present the result to you. We present the logo we prepared to you by preparing how it will look from many angles. We explain what emotion and thought we want to convey to the audience by making the necessary explanations on which idea and which form was used in the logo work. In cases where there is insufficient communication, when we present the logo to the authorized person, reactions may be received saying that it did not happen, this is not what we wanted. Prepare mockups and print the logo on a sign, A4 paper, business card, etc. We show you how to stand on the works.

Antalya Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

5. Revised

Antalya Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Of course, the work we have done may not be fully compatible with the design of your dreams, we complete the revisions by making the desired arrangements in the font, colors and shapes and present the logo work to your liking again. Before logo design, we make designs in accordance with the required design purpose based on sector and target audience research. Logo design is the most important factor of a brand. It is extremely important for us that the brand name, colors and shapes are catchy, easy to understand and fit for purpose.

6. Delivery

We come to the delivery stage after saying "Okey" for the work that fits your heart and reflects you in the best way. We finalize the logo and deliver it to you with your approval. We take care to do the best work for your budget and needs. When you want to have a new logo designed, this is the process you will go through with Pixelans Web Design Agency. If you want a Logo Design, you can contact us.

Design is a communication method, the simplicity and simplicity of the design determines the perception that the logo design will reflect. The logo design we have prepared should be reproduced anywhere, in any technique. Logo design is very important yes, but logo design alone may not be enough to represent your brand. In this case, business cards, invoices, letterheads, etc. It will support you to become a brand in vehicles. Website design is also a factor in getting interaction from your target audience and in the growth phase of your brand. You can review our web design references and get detailed information by contacting us.