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The services we have mentioned below for Social Media Management are for 30 days. Images prepared in the Annual Visual Package will be sent to you, sharing will be done by you. It includes Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Advertising (sponsored link) balance is determined by the employer as an extra. Comments made on your page will be forwarded to you and replied to.


Monthly Social Media Management

2 posts (post) sharing per week

8 image sharing per month

Same visuals as story

Profile, Cover Design

Adding appropriate hasags to posts

8 Product, Service Promotional Images

4 Sponsored Ads + Tracking

Message and Comment Tracking


Monthly Social Media Management

Sharing 3 posts per week

12 image sharing per month

Same visuals as story

Profile, Cover Design

Adding appropriate hasags to posts

12 Product, Service Promotional Images

4 Sponsored Ads + Tracking

Message and Comment Tracking


Sharing and Tracking belongs to you

40 Sharing Visual Design

All images are prepared in the same draft

Shares are made by you

10 Service Visual Designs

30 Special Day Designs (May 19, November 10, October 29, Green Crescent Week, Women's Day, etc.)

Special Days to Design

Social Media Platform is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Pixelans Social Media Agency has enabled the development of many companies in the digital environment with an effective social media management strategy. We are working on publishing interesting content, uniquely prepared images and editing and institutionalizing your profile. We give priority to the sharing to visit your website in order to design creative content that will attract the attention of your brand audience, to increase the follow-up of your customers with the content we share on Social Media Channels and to obtain less information.

In addition to our social media management professional, modern, dynamic websites and our advertising management service, we prepare social media images, manage their accounts and create sponsor-linked advertisements.

Do You Know About Social Media?

Social Media Interactions is an important criterion in Google's SEO ranking algorithm. Likes, shares and comments are important.

What is social media management?
Determining the Target Audience: First of all, you should know the sector you are addressing very well so that you should know the age range, gender, what they like, and their interests while determining your target audience. Knowing these, if you do social media management, you can share productive posts that attract the attention of your target audience.

Content Management: It is necessary to know the industry very well and to prepare the content in a unique and understandable way in order to be able to manage the brand well and to get maximum return while producing content as well as the target audience. In line with these goals, you can reach the right target audience and get feedback.

Competitor Analysis: The most overlooked part of Professional Social Media Management is competitor analysis. This item is very important in terms of competition. You can follow the leading companies in the sector and review their current posts. You should do more and more effective social media management than your competitors.

Analytics: By checking the results of sponsor-related advertisements, we obtain preliminary information for the upcoming advertisements. For example, if the social media advertisement you have given appeals to the 20-30 age group as the age group and attracts their attention the most, you can set the advertisement criteria as the 20-30 age range. If you do this, instead of showing the ad to the 30-65 age range, you will show the ad to your target audience, the 20-30 age range. In this way, by keeping your advertising budget to a minimum, you will have a better quality social media management.

Why do social media management?

Just as you are updating your website, we should show your presence on social media and we should not forget that users spend a lot of time on social media. You have a target audience that spends most of the day on social media, in this case, of course, you should confront them on facebook and instagram pages as in every field.

The best social networks for social media management

The best social networks for social media management are mainly facebook, instagram and twitter.

The best social media management tools

We prepare your design in the photoshop program professionally and on which social media platforms we will share, we share social media by providing your connections with each other and making corporate account controls.

What does social media management include?

Profile visual design
Cover image design
Daily, weekly image sharing
Ad reports
Special day image sharing
Comment - reply message
Choosing the right hashtags for products and services
Social Media Advertising Management
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Sponsored Advertising

What is the cost of social media management?

The cost of social media management is a method with the lowest advertising cost. As you create a sponsored ad link, you can increase your number of followers, and when you advertise again, you will have made your free promotion to your customer base from the ad. Therefore, the better your social media can be managed, the more interaction and followers you will gain.

Why should you invest in social media management services?

If you want to invest in your company for your future and get a return, you should start your social media studies.