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We set out on this road because if we win you, we will win your environment. Pixelans® Web Design, we continue our web design and graphic works that meet your company expectations, appeal to your target audience and reflect your brand stance.

Web Design References

Logo Design

First of all, when designing the company logo, we choose colors and typography that reflect the character of the company and are ...

Catalog Design

The catalog design is designed as original after the document, visual and all details are determined by taking the ideas and opinions of ...

Web Design

As Pixelans® Antalya Web Design , we are progressing step by step by getting the web pages completely original and appreciated by ...

Advertising Management

Advertising Management; If you want to manage your ads professionally and give interactive ads, using our ad management service, which is ...

Our References

In order to be different, to be strong, to be the best, to produce works that are close to perfect and suitable for their purpose, we sometimes work even at night, even if you are not a witness. In every work we prepare, we struggle for the satisfaction of our customers. Here are some of our web design works that we put great effort into and that make us who we are. You can also review our Social Media Management studies. The professional website designs we have prepared are websites that both reflect the image of the company and meet the expectations of potential customers. Pixelans® intends to reach the top of the web design industry by establishing a strong bond between its web design promotion and brand communication strategies and its customers. 😉

MRZ Environmental

The website is online! We have prepared a constantly updated #webdesign work with an easy-to-use management panel focused on user ...
AnteraPark Clinic

A health tourism website should present information to its visitors in an easily usable and understandable way. The website should contain general information about ...
BKS Plant Protection

Agricultural company web design work is user-friendly, easy to use, and provides relevant information about the company's products and services. A 100% mobile ...
Lotus Agriculture

Lotus Agriculture website, located in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, has a completely original design and a mobile-friendly, user-friendly web design work has been ...
Estevia Clinic

We created a unique brand experience by preparing a web design work together with the logo design for Estevia Clinic, which will be newly opened on Antalya Selekler ...
Legomar Marble

Design: A good web page will help your site look professional and reliable. In the design of your marble website, you can choose a design that reflects the natural ...


Antalya Web Design

Antalya Web design; They are content planning and editing solutions that can be shared online on digital platforms and are accessible because they are published on a website. There are many design agencies operating in this field that offer web design solutions in Antalya. It will be the best approach for people and institutions requesting web design service in Antalya to get help from a professional agency so that they can get the web design service they desire and get the benefit they expect from this service.

Website design is all of the planning and editing rules applied in order to make the visual, audio and text-based content on a web site that can be shared and published on digital platforms the most aesthetically efficient. Web design; It is basically shaped on these two purposes: bringing a website to the optimum level in terms of accessibility and gaining an appearance that will fully respond to the aesthetic concerns of both the site owner and the visitors.

In order to provide the highest level of efficiency of the design service to be received from Antalya web design agency; meticulously combining aesthetic and functional elements, in this context; color - font - graphic elements must be successfully edited. PIXELANS Web Design; In the web design service it offers by adhering to the principle of unconditional satisfaction, it offers innovative - actual - practical solutions instead of conventional and standard designs and provides design services in line with demand - requirement.

Web design, contrary to what is thought, is an extremely comprehensive and complex process and is closely related to many sectors. It is intertwined with many different fields and sectors, from web design solutions to SEO optimization, from aesthetic disciplines to UX process. For this reason, it would be the most appropriate approach to get help from a design agency that provides service with its expert staff and offers great solutions with innovative approaches in order to have a successful design service.

If the right choice is made among the companies that make web design in Antalya, thanks to the service to be obtained, both the performance optimization and the aesthetic expectations of the website subject to the design service are fully met. Otherwise, the expected benefit from the design service will not be obtained, and there will be loss of material and time that is difficult to compensate. For this reason, careful selection of the service provider is the most important factor affecting the success of the process.

Antalya Web Design Firm

PIXELANS Web Design, serving as a web design firm in Antalya; It continues to provide services in all digital design items (Web site design, logo design, catalog design, social media and advertising management). PIXELANS, which is proud and happy to be the first agency that comes to mind when it comes to web design company in Antalya, thanks to the innovative and successful solutions it has brought to the sector, in the web design solutions it offers with its expert staff;

  • Successful combinations by optimizing the visual content at the level that will provide the highest efficiency,

  • Solutions for expectations using advanced web design tools,

  • Global solutions adhering to design principles,

  • Balance – Contrast – Emphasis – Movement – Rhythm – Hierarchy – White Space – Integrity,

  • Design layout according to the sector / field / business line in which it operates,

  • Navigation – Speed – SEO – UX,

  • Applicable design – Responsive Design,

  • Useful – Available – Available – Reliable – Demand – Accessible – Valuable,

  • Color Scheme – Typography – Harmonious Background – Animation.

Antalya Web Design Fees

When it comes to Antalya web design fees, it is possible to encounter different fees. The main reason for the difference observed in design prices is that there are many parameters and factors affecting the web design service. Many factors such as the success of the agency that will provide the design service, the workload and intensity of the order cause the fees to change. The main factors affecting web design prices in Antalya can be listed as follows:

  • The success, experience, institutionalism and service success of the company/agency that will provide the design,

  • Number, competence and expertise of agency/firm personnel,

  • Workload and intensity of the requested service,

  • Requested external features,

  • The number of pages of the website subject to the design,

  • The number and quality of visual, audio and text-based content to be used,

  • Specific design request.

What are the Advantages of Web Design?

The most basic purpose of the website design is to advertise, promote and market the site subject to the design with a much lower budget and high efficiency. Thanks to the design service to be received from a successful company that provides web design services in Antalya, the designed website can be optimized, so that it can reach a much wider audience and has a feature that can be accessed by the target audience. This feature is most evident in e-commerce sites and provides an accelerated increase in the sales volume of the e-commerce site.

Professional design service should be applied to provide a qualified interface to site visitors, solution partners and customers, and to meet them with an appearance that will appeal to aesthetic concerns. With the web design service, not only the accessibility of the content is increased, but also a success in parallel with the design success is achieved by making optimization studies at many points. All this results in a huge increase in the number of visitors. The main advantages that can be achieved through web design are:

  • The concept of distance disappears and the relevant website gets engagement and conversion from all over the world.

  • The most basic purpose of a website created in e-commerce format is to constantly communicate with the target audience and to provide permanent sales. Web design also provides great advantages at this point.

  • It enhances digital reputation.

  • It helps to get feedback from customers.

  • It gives a reliable and professional image.

  • High efficiency is achieved with a much more economical budget compared to alternative advertising tools.

Factors Increasing Success in Web Design

There are some important points to consider in order to get successful results in a web design process. These important points that increase the success of web design are only possible with a design service from a professional design agency. For this reason, choosing the right company for the web design service that will benefit people, institutions, businesses, brands and companies that do not have the website they desire, and being careful and meticulous in the web design agency, directly affects the success of the service.

There are many agencies serving in the web design sector in Antalya. Each agency has a different understanding of service, personnel competence and richness, and working approach. Parallel to this, the pricing they set for the service they offer is also different. However, in order to get a successful web design service, it will be the right approach to act not with economic concerns, but with aesthetic expectations and demand for quality service. The main factors that increase success in a web design service are:

  • Determining the project in the most accurate way by making competitor analysis according to the identity of the person or institution requesting the service and the sites it competes with,

  • Making corporate identity work in order to create a digital identity that will increase reputation and prestige by transferring the physical identity to the online environment,

  • Responding completely to aesthetic expectations with innovative graphic design work and revising and optimizing the visual, audio and text-based content on the website,

  • UX (User Experience) design,

  • UI (User Interface) design,

  • Identification of the deficiencies and shortcomings of the project by testing, making remedial studies for the detected points,

  • Publishing process.


Original Web Design

Web design works that antalya web design companies serving in the same sector as us call original design, and designs that seem original to them as a result of our detailed examinations, can be included in the standard design category for us.


Sağlam Altyapı

Pixelans Web Tasarım Şirketi olarak uzun yıllardır bilgi birikimi ve tecrübemizle hazırladığımız web sayfaları tamamen özgün tasarımlardır. Yönetim panelli olup sürekli olarak güncellenmektedir.


Zamanında Proje Teslimi

Hazırlamış olduğumuz mobil uyumlu web tasarım çalışmaları size verilen süre zarfında takibi ve revzeleri tamamlanarak sizlerin onayı ile birlikte yayına alınır.


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