What is a Favicon and How to Make One?

When a website is created, this site can be used personally or corporately. While web addresses have an important place in today's digital world, they are among the indispensables of life. Favicon is a visual sign that concerns websites and is among the current innovations.

Websites are formations that eliminate the concept of time and space, enable product and service marketing and bring the world together on a global scale. Having various features when designing a website increases its functionality.

Today, thanks to the innovations added every day, websites are more functional. Pixelans.com closely follows the current developments and rapidly realizes the integration of these innovations; It reflects its innovative approach to designs with a sustainable success.

What is a Favicon?

Favicon means favorite icon and is found in the tabs at the top of the browser. Favorite icon is abbreviated as Favicon. Favicon attracts attention as a visual cue. Favicon can be seen in the tab icon, Google search results, search history, favorites, URL icon.

When a website is to be represented, a 16x16 pixel icon can be used in browsers. Favicon is used to denote these icons. This visual marker is the icon of the website and helps to identify the website on the internet.

This icon can be thought of as a reduced logo of the website. Thanks to such icons that make it easier to gain a place in the memory of users, the web address is more easily remembered. These visual icons are usually found at the top of the page and in the URL section on the page.

Favicon Dimensions

Since the Favicon is a visual icon, it is designed to be memorable for users. Generally, 16x16 pixels represent the ideal size for this visual icon, which is suitable to be square.

Favicon sizes can be 16x16 pixels, 32x32 pixels or 48x48 pixels. As long as it is in multiples of 16x16 pixels, there is no problem. However, 16x16 pixels represents the ideal size.

Advantages of Using Favicon

The advantages of using a favicon make it easier to access the website. When this visual icon is created, users can easily save the website in their favorites tab. This provides quick access when the website is searched.

If users place a shortcut to the website on their desktop, the Favicon will appear in the same format, increasing the speed at which the website is recognized. In addition, another important advantage is that it allows the website to gain brand value.

Since the use of Favicon will enable users to reach the website in a short time, it indirectly contributes to SEO efforts. Due to these and many similar features, Favicon has become frequently preferred on websites.

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Favicon usage allows the brand to be represented in browser tabs or bookmark lists, search ads, search history, search results, etc. These graphic pieces are embedded in the users' memory with their visual features.

Favicon is in the form of small icons and these icons, which are usually square, are among the innovations that should be preferred by those who want to brand. Thanks to these icons, which should be thought of as the logo of the brand, the web address becomes a familiar address for the user.

Favicon, which can also be thought of as the identity of the site, allows users to easily remember the site in the tabs they open. The minimized shape of the brand's logo can be used as a Favicon, or these icons can be created from the initials of the brand.

These icons, which offer ideal solutions for websites that want to create brand awareness, also serve to establish credibility. Since the user will approach the web address with such an icon with a more corporate perspective, it is easier to ensure reliability in the eyes of the user.

Favicon helps the website to be more professional and saves time for the user. Users want to move fast in the internet environment. Since it will be possible for the website to be easily remembered thanks to the Favicon, this is considered as a reason for the user to be preferred.

Favicon, which helps the site to benefit indirectly in terms of SEO, helps users to make more visits to the web address. Considering that visual signs are more memorable than written information, the importance of Favicon in the digital world can be better understood.