What is Dropbox? What does it do?

Dropbox offers a cloud-based storage service. It offers its users up to 2 GB of free storage space. File sharing has become an important need in the digital world. Keeping our Dropbox files safe is much more important. In addition, we need to carry our files with us and be accessible from all our devices. At this point, cloud-based storage service offers us this service. In addition, it is a great advantage that we can connect with Google drive, a cloud-based service offered by Google, and transfer data via drive.

Dropbox Benefits?

  • Dropbox provides convenience in terms of access, you can connect from any device with internet.
  • It has a synchronization feature, the changes you make are immediately updated on all devices you are connected to.
  • Dropbox offers users the ability to manage their level of access to files.
  • You can restrict or open the file you shared as access yourself.
  • It provides backup and recovery, even if your device is broken, you can access your files from a different computer.
  • Dropbox's easy accessibility and use, seamless syncing of files between different devices, sharing and collaboration capabilities, backup and recovery options, ease of remote work, and security measures meet users' needs for file management and keeping their data safe.

One of the biggest advantages that the Dropbox application offers us is that it is cloud-based. Dropbox also gives us the ability to access it from any device. We can store our documents quite easily and safely. You can register now and start using it for free.

Why Should We Use Cloud Storage?

We need cloud storage when we need to store our important documents while working in our daily life, to free up space if our space is full when we want to download a program, or to free up a new space in our memory when our phone's memory is full. In addition, Cloud storage services keep your files in their original quality and allow you to transfer them to others. For example, when we want to send a photo or video from whatsapp, our files have to shrink to a certain size and our photo quality decreases inevitably, or if we shot 4K from our phone, sending our video file via whatsapp reduces our video quality. To send our file in its original form at some point and send it intact with a link link, our Cloud storage data serves us best at this point.

Hard disk or Cloud?

If you don't mind having a hard disk with you all the time and you don't mind, you can use a hard disk. There is nothing wrong with that. However, the hard disk will make your job easier if you are experiencing internet outages or when there is no internet. However, there is an important point that we may lose our hard disk, become corrupted, or if we forget to take it with us at an important moment, we may not be able to access our files when we need it urgently. If you use cloud-based services, you can directly access our files from any point where the internet is available. The cloud will be a much safer and easier step in this direction. If we use the cloud-based service, you can securely store our file in the cloud and access our files whenever we want. There is no need to carry it with us like HDD and you can access our files from anywhere with internet.

Is Dropbox safe, can others see our files?

The security and privacy of your files is something that cloud-based services like Dropbox take very seriously. Dropbox is a completely secure service and user data is kept safe and confidential. Others cannot access our files and you can transfer and use your files as you wish. You can view and access your files by logging in with your cloud account. Therefore, your data is kept securely in the cloud and cannot be seen by others. Although Dropbox takes security measures, users also need to be careful about the security of their accounts. First of all, by creating a strong password, you should pay attention to unauthorized logins and not to steal your account. In addition, by activating two-step verification, you will once again take a security measure and keep your account safe from attacks.

How to Use Dropbox

Dropbox is pretty easy to use. Dropbox offers us cloud-based storage up to 2GB for free. But if you want more storage, it offers paid plans for it. You can create a new account with google by going to https://www.dropbox.com/login from our desktop browser.

Then, when we log in, we are greeted with a screen like the one below.

In addition, as seen in the image, we can access our files on Google Drive and transfer our files directly to dropbox to pull files.

You can create a folder to store and share files by clicking the Create > Folder tab.

We have created a folder named “File Storage” in the Create Folder area.

The created folder was added to Dropbox in this way as seen in the image.

If you want to download the file you have added later, you can download it to your computer by clicking the "Download" tab.

What Is Dropbox, How To Use It On The Phone? (Android - iOS)

From our mobile device, we download the dropbox application from our mobile device by entering Google Play if it is Android or the App Store if it is iOS. Then a registration screen will welcome us. We sign in by registering from your Google account linked to your account or from a different Google account. When we log in, we will see a screen like the one below.

As seen on the side, we can select the file we want from our phone by clicking “+Add content” and share the files. When we register here, you can access your dropbox account from your browser with your Google account. You can also access the data you have shared in Dropbox from any device with your Google account and access your data.

As a result, Dropbox offers users secure storage as a cloud-based storage service. We can access and use our files from any device. It is a great advantage that we can cooperate with other cloud services such as Google drive and that we can transfer files from our account to the drive. In addition, easy to use, you can access from all our mobile devices and tablets, or you can access our files by going to Dropbox from your web browser.