How should the company website be, what should be considered?

Websites are one of the most important tools that determine the reputation of companies. According to a study, 70% of potential customers visit the company's website before customers make a new purchase. This first visit will form a potential customer's first impression of the company. The first impression is extremely important for a corporate website.

The visitor will want to work with companies that open quickly, are mobile compatible, can find what they are looking for and display a trustworthy brand image. So how should the corporate company website be? What should be considered in corporate web design? Let's find answers to these questions.

The Importance of the Corporate Website for Companies

Now everyone uses the internet and search engines like Google are used for even the simplest research. If you are looking for new potential customers and corporate partners in such a wide range, you can achieve this goal with a good website. Professionally designed corporate websites increase the rate at which your customers interact with your page, and therefore with your company. This brings growth, higher profits and a competitive advantage over competitors.

How should the corporate company website be?

A corporate website should basically have a modern design and functional components where visitors can find what they are looking for, SEO compatible (better search engine visibility with search engine optimization), offering the same view from devices with different screen resolutions.

In addition, it should be able to open quickly, transition between pages should be easy, and it should be able to present the desired information to the visitors with pages such as "Contact", "About Us", "Services". The features that should be on the corporate company website, item by item, can be listed as follows:

Company Websites Should Make Brand Products and Services Understandable
Company websites should clearly introduce the products and services offered by the brand to the reader. Users who visit the website should be able to easily understand what the brand does, what it offers and how it will benefit them when they enter the website. For this purpose, company websites should use a simple, plain and fluent language, support them with visual and video elements, and avoid unnecessary details.

Corporate Websites Should Have a Modern and Aesthetic Appearance

Corporate websites of companies should reflect the professionalism and quality of the brand. In this context, a modern and aesthetic appearance should be preferred in web design. The colors, fonts, layout and animations of the website should be in harmony with the brand's identity and provide a pleasant experience to the visitors. In addition, it is also important that the website opens quickly, is mobile compatible and easy to navigate.

Company Websites Should Be SEO Compatible

Corporate company websites should be SEO compatible in order to rank higher in search engines. The term "SEO compatible" is used for websites that are optimized according to the criteria of search engines. Among the criteria that enable websites to rank higher in search engines such as Google; There are elements such as correct use of keywords, determination of meta tags and titles, creation of site map, providing internal and external links. Thanks to an SEO compatible website, the brand can reach its potential customers more easily and provide a competitive advantage.

Company Websites Should Be Equipped With Original Content

A corporate website that can outperform its competitors should be equipped with original content in order to attract visitors' attention and offer them value. Original content; are the contents that reveal the expertise, knowledge and difference of the brand. These contents are; It can be produced in different formats such as blog posts, articles, e-books, infographics, videos and published on the website under various pages and categories. Thanks to original content, the brand; can answer visitors' questions, provide them with useful information and build trust.

Corporate Websites Should Give Visitors Confidence

Corporate websites should take the necessary measures to reassure visitors. A trustworthy website; must have security certificates (SSL, etc.), pay attention to the protection of personal data, follow a transparent communication policy and include customer comments. In this way, visitors; they feel the brand is trustworthy and are more willing to do business with it.

Company Websites Should Reflect Brand Image

Company websites should be carefully prepared to reflect the image of the brand. Brand image; It is the impression left by the brand in the mind. This impression; It is shaped by the brand's mission, vision, values, goals and personality. Company websites; It should convey these elements correctly and offer visitors the opportunity to establish an emotional connection with the brand.

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