Yeşil Textile

We have prepared a web design work consisting of unlimited categories and sub-pages that companies such as Yeşil Tekstil need. At the same time, it was ensured that the web page could be navigated as fast as possible and the site could be easily navigated by the user on mobile. By adding 1000 products to Yeşil Ev Tekstil's website, the ideal website opening speed was ensured to be in the best way.

The website we have prepared for Yeşil Home Textile, which has a wide variety of product categories, is expected to facilitate the work of our customers by providing the opportunity to use the website as an online catalogue, to save time and to be constantly updated, it is anticipated that it will add a surplus to product sales. At the same time, all product categories were saved as PDFs and easy to send to the customers via WhatsApp in order to convey them to their customers.

The mobile and desktop views of the products added on the customer side are prepared in the most smooth way without the need for any sizing. Necessary infrastructure has been provided to prevent the occurrence of slipping, overflowing or inability to groan the product clearly in any added product.

Company: Yeşil Ev Tekstili

City: Isparta


Number of Added Products: 1000 Piece