Promate Aquatic

Company: Promate Aquatic

City: Istanbul


Language Options : Turkish, English

What We Did For Promate Quatic ?

Mobile compatible web design has been published and all google records have been completed.

An easy-to-use management panel with social media link links, whatsapp direct message link, analysis of site visitors with Google Analytics, Corporate E-Mail, google map records, product category pages, site map, multi-language option was delivered.

Web design is a process used to design the appearance and user experience of a website or application. This process is designed using a design language used to determine the content and appearance of a website. The following steps summarize how to do a web design project:

Setting goals: First, goals need to be set for the website or app. These goals will be used to meet the expectations of users and to achieve the goals of the business.

User research: User research is conducted to understand the expectations of users and to shape the design of the website according to their needs. This research is collected through a variety of methods, such as surveys, customer feedback, and user testing.

Creation of design concepts: The information generated as a result of objectives and user research is used to create design concepts. These concepts give an idea of how the website will look and function.

Prototyping: By choosing the most suitable design concept, a prototype is created, which is the first preview of the website. This prototype is edited and improved through user testing and feedback.

Website development: After the prototype is approved, the website or application is coded and developed. This is done using web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Testing and publishing: After the website or app is developed, it is tested and bug fixed. Finally, the website or app is published and made available.