Antikhan Group

We have prepared a simple, understandable, mobile-friendly and user-friendly website interface design for Antikhan Companies Group, which continues its activities in the Construction, Tourism, Aluminum and Real Estate sectors.

Company: Antikhan Group of Companies
City: Antalya
Authorized: Murat ŞAHİN

Web Site Features and Services Provided for Our Company Operating in the Agriculture Sector;

1- All areas on the site can be updated with Pixelans Content Management System (You can use the Management Panel with mobile compatibility from your phone and tablet)
2- Updating Slider Area / Adding New Slides / Adding Video Slides
3- Adding / Deleting / Updating the catalogs digitally on the site
4- Adding Unlimited Categories, Adding / Deleting / Editing Pages.
5- Saving the added articles as demo and publishing them when requested
6- Adding / Deleting / Updating Promotional Film, Fair News
7- You can specify Site Information, Site Title, Keyword and Site Description from the admin panel.
8- Image Gallery Management.
9- Service Pages Management. Unlimited Add/Delete/Edit. (Add Keyword - Tag)
10- Adding/Editing/Deleting Frequently Asked Questions
11- Video Gallery Management
12- Contact Page Settings
13- Google Maps
14- Social Media Link Links Management.
15- Getting index on google faster with Sef Seo Link Structure.
16- Menu Management (You can edit the site menu as you wish.)
17- Customer comments module
18- Our Team / Squad Management (Unlimited Add/Remove)
19- Multi-language option

20- Projects / Project Management (Unlimited Add/Remove) and more

In addition, Social Media Management is done.